Tuesday, May 13, 2008

(a bit over) TWO months!

The cute happy baby! Who already fits into these 0-3 month clothes!
They looked so gigantic when she was first born, but she's grown really fast.

This is her look most of the time... big eyes... curious expression.
(Her eyes are still blueish gray)

And here are the proud grandparents on Mother's day!
(Renna was asleep.. even with my mom trying to wake her up.. ha, ha..)

For some reason, on Mother's day my Mom came over and we cooked together. We made taco salad. It was really yummy, but as we were cooking we were wondering why we were cooking on mother's day. We just figured it was a motherhood bonding thing.

Youssef was quite struck the other day when I showed him a picture of Lily standing up and said, "this could be Renna in FOUR months!" Lily pulled herself up at 6 months old. I'm hoping Renna isn't quite that adventurous. It is a little shocking to realize just how fast Lily grew up though, and Renna is really liking to push up with her legs and has really strong arms just like Lily did. I suppose if she is an early walker too it wouldn't be so bad. ;)

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Ryan said...

Ahh So so so cute! Renna is such a doll. I hope my next baby stays small for that long. By six weeks my kids don't even fit into 0-3 month clothes anymore. She has really pretty eyes.