Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Funny Lily sayings (and Renna grows up)

We were just at the Library and as we were returning our movies into the slot she said, "Bye show." (I always tell her to say bye to things because it helps her to let it go.. but this was the first time she said it completely on her own.. and usually when I tell her to say bye she doesn't say it.)

Youssef came a day later to my Grandparents house and when he came I took Lily outside to see him. I came back inside first and he carried her in. Right when they came in the door Lily looked seriously at everyone in the room and pointing at Youssef said, "This is the Daddy. This is the Daddy." It was SO cute (and I'm sure made Youssef's heart melt.)

A few days ago when Youssef was putting Lily in her car seat he said, "You are a princess." Then she said to him. "You are a princess!" After that we all started saying that to each other over and over. "You're a prinCESS!"

It's really fun to see how she's started to actually talk to me more. Today she wanted something to eat and I told her we were going to the Library. "Do you want to eat it in the car?" And she said, "Weeeell..." Of course her favorite phrase is to say, "This is a ____" with some object in the blank. It's pretty hard to understand unless you know that that's what she's saying all around the one word that is understandable.

Renna has been getting more interested in her toys and even pulled one off of her bouncy chair. She smiles at me even when I'm not smiling at her! She's already just fitting her 3 month old clothes. AND last night she slept for almost SEVEN (count it) hours in her bed without wanting to nurse! Her total sleep time was longer.. more like 12 hours, but with only 4 very short nursing times. Pretty amazing!

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