Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot Day!

And in the pool for the first time!

I think she liked it over all...

Lily LOVED it of course.

Renna was a bit unsure, but seemed to like being cool (she was really hot)

The water (by-the-way) isn't super cold like hose water.
I suctioned it out of the bath tub so that I can make the water cool, but not cold.

It's too cold again now to play in the water, but I love spring weather.
It's nice and summery and you start to think that it's getting too hot and that you won't be able to cook in your kitchen for a long time just to keep the house cool.. and you wonder how often your husband will really like to barbecue if he has to do it every day. Then there are days like today.. just the right temperature.. cool, but not cold... rainy, but not depressingly so. I made bread today and did inside stuff. I also bought myself some flowers and had fun arranging them last night! Yes.. spring is wonderful. :)

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Ryan said...

I love the picture of Lily drinking the water.... too much fun! Girls are so fun!