Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Most Wonderful Piano!

I've been so terribly excited and grateful to my aunt for giving me a piano!!! I've been playing it every day and as you can see... so has Lily. You might be wondering why she is on her knees to play it? That's just because I was on my knees taking pictures. She copies me.. what can I say? I need to buy some more piano music though. I've been playing harp music on it and some sound better and some sound worse... also some are harder on the piano or easier. It's really fun though, and it's so beautiful that I took many more pictures that just these so that I could scrapbook about my piano!

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Heather said...

Congratz on the piano! I too was given a wonderful instrument when we moved here. My parents knew someone at their church who had a studio upright that was left behind by a tenant and the tenant never came to get it, so they gave it to me! It is a great instrument and I have been teaching on it ever since. I used my keyboard (that I used to teach on) to practice on with headphones when the boys are asleep.