Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The perfect helper

Lily has started helping now! When Renna was first born she was interested in the baby (sort of), but mostly ignored her. Now she's actually been noticing (even before I do sometimes) that Renna needs a burp rag and will say, "Oh no, spit-up!" and will run to get a burp rag saying "burp-wag" the whole way and will even wipe her mouth and everything. Also, when Renna sneezes Lily will say "GowbEss you!" She is talking so much now! And is really interested in her little sister and helping. Now she'll pet Renna's head without any prompting. And today when they were getting into the car to go to the library Lily had picked a flower and was sniffing it and then held it to Renna's nose to sniff to (Renna didn't know what to think of that). It was quite cute.

So, the other day I'd put Renna on her new quilt from her great grandma Anna and got my camera out. Lily saw what I was doing and ran to get her toy camera and took pictures of Renna too! I wish someone else was there to get pictures of me taking pictures of Lily taking pictures of Renna.. but we can't have everything. ;) Now when I talk to Renna and so forth Lily comes over and copies me. Talking to her like I do. I think this is all a good thing. :)

Renna's holding her head up super good!
(And now weighs almost twice as much as she did at birth!)

Lily's camera was a $2 one from Walmart that is a princess one and says
"You look pretty as a princess." "Smile, say cheese." And Lily says all of that too!

Renna obviously thought that the two camera thing going on was a little trippy.

The youngest photographer in our family...
And the last picture is one that Lily took with the real camera!


Ryan said...

I love the funny face Renna was making in the third one down.

Daniel and Natalie said...

Ha Ha! So cute!

Lynne' said...

Didn't it totally look like she was thinking, "Ok, people. I'm tired of smiling. Take the picture!" Ha, ha!