Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The trip to Grandma's house!

Renna actually smiled a LOT at her Great Grandma (and everyone else),
but I downloaded the wrong picture.. anyway..
the quilt is what my Grandma made for Renna! I love the different colors.

On Friday Lily had loads of fun playing in the water (it was HOT down there)
.. But on Saturday she started freaking out when she went outside without her shoes on.
I suspect she was freaking because of the bugs... or because the day before she might have burned her feet a bit on the hot patio.. or both.

My Grandpa isn't doing so well, so it was really nice that Lily went to him so much.
She loaned him her toys and crawled up on his lap and sat by him a lot.
He just ate it all up. She got a little annoyed the next day when he was ordering her to pick up some toys and started to not hang out with him as much as she did, which was a little sad.
She always gets a little weirded out when someone other than me tells her what to do.

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