Thursday, June 19, 2008

Caught in the act!!!

After nursing Renna in bed this morning I had to get up to take care of Lily who'd gotten into the M&M's, dumped chicken salad all over the kitchen floor when she was trying to get the gallon of milk to bring me, and needed to go potty in the toilet (as I'm potty training her now.)

So, when I peeked in the bedroom to see if Renna was asleep, I found her quietly sucking her thumb! She doesn't suck her thumb as often as I did when I was little (my parents had to tape socks on my hands when I was four so I wouldn't suck my thumb while I slept.)

At first, when she started to suck her thumb I thought she needed to nurse, but she only sucks it when she wants to just suck on something. It's actually kind of nice because before when she was colicky there wasn't anything that soothed her because if she nursed and more milk went on her sore tummy it just hurt her more. Now she hardly ever spits up, which is really nice! She doesn't usually fall asleep sucking her thumb either, though I think she has once or twice. I was a little worried only because I know how hard it was for me when I was so attached to my thumb. I sucked my thumb ALL the time though.. I was born sucking my thumb... probably sucked it before I was born. So, I'm glad she's not THAT attached. :)

Renna has fallen asleep in many different ways. Lily only fell asleep by nursing (and rocking combined, usually), but Renna has fallen asleep by herself in her bouncy chair, nursed to sleep, been held by other people while she fell asleep, and has fallen asleep in her amby bed (after she's totally done nursing and doesn't want more but is still awake after 9 I lay her down and she falls asleep making cute little baby sigh noises!) She's even fallen asleep in the car! To most people these things would seem normal, but Lily never would fall asleep in the car at Renna's age. She'd just cry and cry (and no Lily would never cry herself to sleep.) When I was driving home from my Mom's once she finally DID fall asleep after crying the whole way when I gave her a teething cookie. It stopped her from crying just long enough so that she fell asleep. Lily did actually sleep really well, but she just NEEDED me to help her sleep and it took a lot for her to learn differently... it's still taking some work, but she does lay by herself now and fall asleep for her naps (so nice.) Renna likes to be held and nursed to sleep, but I'm glad she's easier about things than Lily was. I feel bad sometimes at how much attention Lily still needs when I can't give more attention to Renna. If Lily is asleep and Renna is awake (or visa versa) who ever is awake will beg for my total attention. It's nice to give them attention without the other around, but it's hard to get too much time by myself. :)

Actually, they are really pretty good about letting me do stuff, and I do it even if one wants to be held. Lily doesn't need to be held when I work on projects anymore, if she needs attention she'll work on projects with me! Of course the sling is wonderful for Renna when she's tired of being in her bouncy chair on the floor (she gets a new view.)

Speaking of taking care of the girls... I should go do that. :)


Ryan said...

I am actually thinking about packing all my projects away including scrapbooking. I feel like it just takes up room and with three small kids and another on the way I NEVER have time for me! Ok, except for the few minutes I get to get online. Which I don't count 'cause thats only when I am too tired to do anything else. I think I will feel better if I just pack them away. I won't always be reminded that I don't have time to do them and I can just focus on taking care of and having fun with my kids. They won't be this young forever. Of course the way we are going we will always have a little one around. I'm not complaining I would much rather have the kids.
;-) Wow, that was long...sorry!
How is Lily doing on the pee pee thing?? :-)

Lynne' said...

She's actually doing really well! Sometimes I think she's getting worse and then like this morning she didn't have any accidents and we went shopping and to the library and the park and she even went in the bathroom at the library! (I got her a special little cooshy seat for toddlers.) She likes it and didn't freak about about falling in. ;)

My projects are definitely done differently than before having kids, but I could never give them up entirely.. I just have to do them in a different way. Including the kids in stuff and doing it while they nap or at night. When lily first wakes up she has a snack and watches a show too. I let her watch too many cartoons, but she plays really well too. I DO need to play with her more though! Renna has been getting some floor time now and just rolled over yesterday! She was surprised at herself. ;)

Anyway, it takes a lot longer to do projects, but I'm pretty creative about nursing while doing stuff.. or sitting on the floor or on the couch with a cutting board on my lap to do scrapbooking so that I can keep the girls happy and played with. Lily likes to go through some of my scrapbooking stuff and of course, after a couple hours of scrapbooking with "help" I have to do a quick pick up and vacuum(that takes an hour).. but it's worth it to me. :) Though, I can understand why it wouldn't be worth it to a lot of people.