Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little things in life...

This morning I saw the little trouble-maker outside in our back yard.
Last week a squirrel was stuck in our wall in between Lily's room and the hall!
I don't know if this was the same one.. but we do know it was a squirrel because I had to hire someone to come out to assess the situation. Fortunately the squirrel managed to get out of that part of the wall and we haven't heard any other one stuck since. Though we are still needing to patch up the holes that the roofers left whereby the animals could get into the walls of our house.

Lily's been doing really well with Renna. She's started to play with her a little more and even though I'm enjoying the baby stage I know it will be nice when Renna is older and Lily has someone to really play with. Lily will run to get the burp rag for me and even will wipe Renna's mouth. It's pretty cute. Lily helps carry groceries in and puts her shoes away. She also helps to clean up her toys and helps me vacuum and sweep (with her toy vacuum and broom). This morning she and I were playing with her baby doll while Renna was asleep and Lily loved pretending! Though she did try to throw the doll diaper away for real and I had to convince her that it was just dirty for pretend and then I pretended to wash it and it was clean!

I got a hair cut on monday! It feels so great! Mom came early in the morning and so I ran to get one really quick while Renna slept. It was really nice to finally get that done.
(The problem with short hair is that you have to get it cut more often.)

On Sunday (after the insane Saturday that I blogged about) I really needed a rest, so Youssef took Lily to church and I stayed home with Renna. It was so relaxing to be able to clean the house without a toddler "helping" and undoing all the work. While I worked and listened to past programs from mid-day connection, Renna fell asleep in her bouncy chair! (It's probably easier for her to fall asleep like that when her big sister isn't running around and screaming)

Lily was just trying to put on the Maya wrap with her baby doll!
I should make one her size. It's so cute!

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