Monday, June 30, 2008

Things that make me feel better...

I've always had days of depression and had to fight that feeling a lot.

Monday's aren't any help with this because I always feel like I'm recovering from the weekend. I always look forward to the weekend like it will be some sort of relief from my being a mom, when really what happens is I have to be a Mom, wife, and many times a hostess. Not that any of this is bad or not enjoyable of course... I just get a little worn out.

Things that always seem to make me feel better though are-

Showers: Lily generally will take a shower with me which eases my mind about what she'd get into if she didn't and she generally will act less whiny after a shower too.

Vacuuming: It's just so refreshing to not be walking on cheerios and other things all over the floor. Plus I can pick up while the vacuum is going and for some reason the loud vacuum is a nice "quiet" from the normal cartoon noise, fussy sounds (Renna's been testing out different sounds that she can make for fun), and Lily's constant chattering and jubilations. After the vacuuming and the floor is clean those sounds are welcome again.

Creating: Making things has to start in my head and I always feel better and energized when I have a project that I can "figure out." What colors go where, how can I do such and such. It's really the best feeling to me.

Exercising: Sometimes it's a walk. So nice to have the girls being happy and quiet and getting fresh air and not spending money (on gas or anything else.) It's been a little hot lately to walk much, but tonight I tried a "post-pregnancy" work out thing and my back felt really good afterwards! So, now I add that to the last of the list.

Other things are actually getting myself to clean the kitchen and so forth. When I feel depressed all I want to do is escape life, but I know from past experience that if I force myself to play with my kids or clean the kitchen or whatever I feel better. Maybe if I act happy then I'll become so? It actually can work, but it takes a lot of work for that to work... ha.. so the first things that I listed help enough to do that.

Oh! And a lot of the time I just need to take a nap! I really want to stay awake for some "me" time, but usually a nap will turn my outlook on life to where it really should be. And speaking of sleep.. I need to go get some so that I'll be ok for tomorrow tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I see you were up late getting some alone time this is good to have.
When I feel down if I force myself to help someone else it changes my outlook on things
Love you

Lynne' said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too.. that it helps I mean. I just have to make sure I'm not being grumpy about it. ;)