Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, I've had pictures of Lily playing lego on here before, but I have to add a story now. She gets into it and likes to look through things and find neat stuff. Well, one morning Youssef saw her hold this up and heard her say, "Whats dis? Oh, Coo! Munkee!"

It made me laugh and I new I had to take a picture of the monkey for scrapbook pages to go with the lego pictures.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another comparison...

And again the first was from April and the last one was just yesterday (of Renna of course.) You can't tell so much how she's grown in this, but she's sitting on my hip and couldn't do that before. It really helps to have the sling with her on my hip too. She definitely loves the sling! My little pouch baby likes to be able to see me. Today when I had to mop the kitchen she was in her "captains" chair and when I left for a second to get the mop she started to fuss (when she was perfectly quite and content before) and reached her little hand out to me and did the pout lip. It touched my motherly heart.


As you can see, Lily wanted her nails done... while wearing her princess dress (she's really been into dressing up and twirling and princess things a LOT lately. It's pretty cute!)

That one is sort of the "I'll just pick another color without anyone looking" look... I could only put so many colors on her toes and fingernails though!

Her toes are different colors of red, but you can't tell in the picture.

This last one doesn't quite match the others, but she'd found the mask thing that her Grammy had left here and loved wearing around the house (and over her eyes too!) with her new nighty and other attire as well. I thought it looked cute so I took a picture of her... she's being a little goofy in the picture and jumped off dramatically after I took the picture.

Almost 5 months!

The first is when Renna is about a month old and just today I was doing laundry and got another picture of her FOUR months later.. she looks so different! She's getting so big!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fairy Princess

Lily wanted to dress up a few days ago so I took the opportunity to take pictures!

We don't have many flowers in our backyard so we walked down the street to take pictures

(Notice the shadow of Renna and myself... she was getting pretty heavy to carry around without the sling. So, we didn't stay out too long.)

There are more pictures of this little outing on facebook, but I think most of them are different ones that these.. I thought it was a little redundant to put pictures on both since I'm pretty sure most of the people that look at our blog are on facebook too.

Anyway, it was a fun day... I know I would have loved to dress up like this when I was little.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Last Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary! Youssef's Mom was here for the week so she stayed with Lily while we went out to dinner and a movie. We are looking all nerdy in our superpower/X-men clothing to go to see "Hancock." We went to Chili's before the movie and talked about where we are and how far we've come in our relationship and life. A lot has happened in four years. In one way it seems that it's been a long time, and in another way it's really not that long at all. Buying a triplex, Youssef going through about 6 jobs, moving three times, trying to start our own business and him working from home, now with a total of 8 tenants under our belt, and having two kids really makes for a very full four years.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A girl and her cat

This morning we went outside and watered, did a little weeding, planting, and took Milo out!
Renna is in her "captains chair" I don't know if you can quite see her. :)
Lily did a great job holding the leash for him.

I have a few tomato plants!

Perhaps you can see some of my tomatoes? :)

Milo mowed the lawn for us.

This chair and lovely pot of impatiens is in the shade behind Lily.

Unfortunately my chair was ripped at the seam by one of our tenants... I'm thinking I'll have to haul out my sewing machine so that I won't have to take it off of the tree. I really miss sitting in it...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Painting and playing

This was really funny. I got Lily this little painting book where you just use water and the things appear! Well, when it dries you can do it again and again. Lily had lots of fun painting the pages..

but when the pictures kept disappearing again she'd re-paint it (brilliant toy to keep a two year old busy) I took these pictures when she'd painted the same picture many times over and she was making this little grunty-growl sound. As if it was just being really annoying that it didn't stay painted! It cracked me up. (She re-painted it all this morning too! .. such a great toy.)

In other news, I let Renna taste a banana and some water. She was being really fussy at dinner the other day and I tried nursing her and she kept letting go to look at the food. (She seemed to think her first taste of food was pretty good!) I looked back at scrap pages and saw that Lily got to try bananas and water at this age too, and she's a very adventurous eater so maybe Renna will be too!

And as Renna is 4 and 1/2 months she's old enough for the "captains chair"

She really likes being upright, though she doesn't try to stand in it as much as Lily did at this age. (I'm hoping Renna doesn't start walking around furniture at 6 1/2 months like Lily did!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A bit over four months...

I haven't been good about getting pictures of Renna on her birth date each month like I did with Lily (which was a pain) so this is almost a week after she's turned 4 months old.. but it's close.

And was a good opportunity to take cuty pictures of her with her rainbow dress on! (And I don't know how much longer it will fit her!)

Lavender festival

We didn't spend any money at the lavender festival. Youssef was taking pictures for the paper so it didn't cost us anything to go in and we'd brought a lunch, but my Mom got a lunch for us from there! Thanks Mom! It was yummy. I think the lavender lemonade was the best.. hit the spot. Maybe I should try making lemonade with lavender in it?
The kids painting was free and Lily really liked painting (as always.)
Love the two brush move!

Renna got to try ice for the first time. She flinched right at first, but then she got really into it.

After we got home Lily played with the lady bug stool that my Mom got for her.
It's actually going to go in the bathroom so she can get to the toilet quickly without tipping over the stool. This one will be more sturdy that what we have.. and it's really cute. :)

Rolling over!

Renna is rolling over now all the time!
I put a sequence of pictures on facebook for those of you who'd like an old fashioned video.

For a scrapbook page I wanted a picture of myself taking a picture of Renna (like a her point of view thing) and I thought it was funny so I'm putting it on here. (Some of the pictures were much funnier than this one.. I'll show them to individuals, but didn't want them on the internet.)
Renna liked the mirror that I was using to take pictures of myself.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Roll out those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of summer!"

Lily and Jonathan (my little bro) playing in the hammock


This flower is (I think) from a seed that I'd planted last year!
Growing along the edge of our garage.. isn't it pretty?

While Jonathan and Lily played in the pool Renna and I were on the blanket
(The next picture is "Renna's view")

I got a liiiiittle bit of gardening done. I have only 5 tomato plants and a peppermint plant and one lemon balm plant.. and many pansies and impatiens

This was yesterday and I still have many more plants to plant... and I have five in little pots inside and more planted along our house... the girls got tired of being outside though so I couldn't finish all of it today...

The kids had pop sickles in the pool

I had an ice tea and looked at a scrapbooking magazine! (I wish I could enjoy times like that more without stuff to do.. and I wish they were a little longer... ahh for the days..)

Renna got to go swimming after the other kids were done. After this picture was taken I took her diaper off (it was getting a little waterlogged) and swished her around in the water.
She liked that.