Thursday, July 17, 2008

A girl and her cat

This morning we went outside and watered, did a little weeding, planting, and took Milo out!
Renna is in her "captains chair" I don't know if you can quite see her. :)
Lily did a great job holding the leash for him.

I have a few tomato plants!

Perhaps you can see some of my tomatoes? :)

Milo mowed the lawn for us.

This chair and lovely pot of impatiens is in the shade behind Lily.

Unfortunately my chair was ripped at the seam by one of our tenants... I'm thinking I'll have to haul out my sewing machine so that I won't have to take it off of the tree. I really miss sitting in it...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary
I hope you had fun on your night out at the movies