Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Last Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary! Youssef's Mom was here for the week so she stayed with Lily while we went out to dinner and a movie. We are looking all nerdy in our superpower/X-men clothing to go to see "Hancock." We went to Chili's before the movie and talked about where we are and how far we've come in our relationship and life. A lot has happened in four years. In one way it seems that it's been a long time, and in another way it's really not that long at all. Buying a triplex, Youssef going through about 6 jobs, moving three times, trying to start our own business and him working from home, now with a total of 8 tenants under our belt, and having two kids really makes for a very full four years.

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Ryan said...

How cute! Glad to hear you guys got to go out and have fun!!