Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lavender festival

We didn't spend any money at the lavender festival. Youssef was taking pictures for the paper so it didn't cost us anything to go in and we'd brought a lunch, but my Mom got a lunch for us from there! Thanks Mom! It was yummy. I think the lavender lemonade was the best.. hit the spot. Maybe I should try making lemonade with lavender in it?
The kids painting was free and Lily really liked painting (as always.)
Love the two brush move!

Renna got to try ice for the first time. She flinched right at first, but then she got really into it.

After we got home Lily played with the lady bug stool that my Mom got for her.
It's actually going to go in the bathroom so she can get to the toilet quickly without tipping over the stool. This one will be more sturdy that what we have.. and it's really cute. :)

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