Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, I've had pictures of Lily playing lego on here before, but I have to add a story now. She gets into it and likes to look through things and find neat stuff. Well, one morning Youssef saw her hold this up and heard her say, "Whats dis? Oh, Coo! Munkee!"

It made me laugh and I new I had to take a picture of the monkey for scrapbook pages to go with the lego pictures.


Daniel and Natalie said...

Hey! were you actually posting something at 12:37 a.m. ??!!! The only thing I do at that time anymore is give birth. ;) Call ya soon, Natalie

Lynne' said...

I guess so.. I couldn't remember posting it that late, but that might have been the night Youssef and I were talking really late (when he was staying the night at your place) ... just trying to figure out moving stuff and possibilities and all that. So I was keeping busy while we talked. I think that's the last thing I did before going to sleep. Yeah, I should have gone to sleep earlier. Youssef is a night person, and I'm not but have sort of been dragged into becoming one.

Rachel said...

Hey, I have a few pictures of Renna that I thought you might like to have. If you do, send me an email so that I can attach them and send them to you (I don't know your email address).