Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Painting and playing

This was really funny. I got Lily this little painting book where you just use water and the things appear! Well, when it dries you can do it again and again. Lily had lots of fun painting the pages..

but when the pictures kept disappearing again she'd re-paint it (brilliant toy to keep a two year old busy) I took these pictures when she'd painted the same picture many times over and she was making this little grunty-growl sound. As if it was just being really annoying that it didn't stay painted! It cracked me up. (She re-painted it all this morning too! .. such a great toy.)

In other news, I let Renna taste a banana and some water. She was being really fussy at dinner the other day and I tried nursing her and she kept letting go to look at the food. (She seemed to think her first taste of food was pretty good!) I looked back at scrap pages and saw that Lily got to try bananas and water at this age too, and she's a very adventurous eater so maybe Renna will be too!

And as Renna is 4 and 1/2 months she's old enough for the "captains chair"

She really likes being upright, though she doesn't try to stand in it as much as Lily did at this age. (I'm hoping Renna doesn't start walking around furniture at 6 1/2 months like Lily did!)

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Rebekah said...

That last picture is just adorable. She has such a cute little grin!