Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Roll out those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of summer!"

Lily and Jonathan (my little bro) playing in the hammock


This flower is (I think) from a seed that I'd planted last year!
Growing along the edge of our garage.. isn't it pretty?

While Jonathan and Lily played in the pool Renna and I were on the blanket
(The next picture is "Renna's view")

I got a liiiiittle bit of gardening done. I have only 5 tomato plants and a peppermint plant and one lemon balm plant.. and many pansies and impatiens

This was yesterday and I still have many more plants to plant... and I have five in little pots inside and more planted along our house... the girls got tired of being outside though so I couldn't finish all of it today...

The kids had pop sickles in the pool

I had an ice tea and looked at a scrapbooking magazine! (I wish I could enjoy times like that more without stuff to do.. and I wish they were a little longer... ahh for the days..)

Renna got to go swimming after the other kids were done. After this picture was taken I took her diaper off (it was getting a little waterlogged) and swished her around in the water.
She liked that.


Rebekah said...

That purple bellish flower that you got a picture of, is a weed that is rampant in our backyard! It's still pretty though...weeds don't have to be enemies if they're in the right place.

Lynne' said...

really? It looks like one of the wild flower seeds that I planted last year... but then a lot of wild flowers could be considered weeds I guess.

hmm.. so what you are saying is that I bought a package of weed seeds called "wild flowers" .. man.. rip off! ;)