Thursday, August 21, 2008

from another album

So, I learned how to do some quilling to add to my scrapbooking and made an album for my cousins wedding (she's got married in Hawaii) and I forgot to take pictures of each page but here are just a couple highlights. My goal was to do as much quilling as I could to practice. It was just an 8x8 album. Very fun to do! I made a little shaker box of Hawaiian sand (I collect sand so I had some from Hawaii) to put in it. I love making albums for wedding gifts. Usually I'll take the pictures and do the whole thing, but couldn't go to the wedding of course. She'll have fun putting pictures in though! Her now husband is a great photographer so my meager pictures would have been lame to him anyway. This way they'll have a great place to display HIS stuff. I wish I could see it after she puts the pictures in. :)

The last wedding album I did was last year around June in case someone didn't see it and wanted to. :)


Create Always said...

You're quilling is stunning. You have a gorgeous family. So glad to know you. Keep in touch!! I putting you on my blog.

Daniel and Natalie said...

Hey! Looks like you have a fan. I love the quilling too. It looks really fancy! The contest entries were very good! I will be interested to see the winners too. Love, Nat