Saturday, August 23, 2008

Since I started posting layouts...

Here's the newest. I actually liked how it turned out, but I went into it with a "whatever" sort of feeling and it was pretty fun just twining around all that yarn and ribbon (attached with brads) We went on a walk today and I found a feather on the walk so I tucked that under the "nesting" title. I might do more layouts like this. That is.. with the whatever/fun sort of feel. My mom told me (right before I was about to work on this and wasn't feeling "up" to being creative) she said, "They all don't have to be incredible." HA.. yeah, that's true, and then I can create sometimes without any pressure that I usually put on myself.

Profound thought for the day: CREATE! It doesn't matter how or when or what for or if you are inspired or not. Inspiration will come as it will, but just have fun and do it. :)

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