Thursday, August 07, 2008

a "typical" dinner

Actually, we do have sushi a lot so this is pretty typical! Though I hadn't made shrimp to go with it before. I "over cooked" some of it in the oil, but actually liked the shrimp crispy like that (I like most things crispy.) We had ginger ale with this meal too! Oh, such good stuff! Yesterday I did a meal inspired by a Rachel Ray recipe. I was at my moms and got to see the show. We don't watch TV at home (I never could remember when the shows that I wanted to watch were on and then ended up just never watching it.) Anyway, it was really good! I used whole grain spaghetti and after it was cooked threw it in with the stir-fry veggies and added terriyaki sauce and orange juice concentrate! Just a little of each till it was the flavor I wanted. Really good! And easy too! And good for you. Anyway, it was sort of like what she did only I used what I had.

Here Lily is eating just the Nori (seaweed) It's crunchy and in my opinion doesn't have a whole lot of flavor (unless you get the seasoned kind.) She really wanted it... it's good for you right? She ate that whole sheet too, and said it was like a chip. She ate some of the sushi rolls too and also just the rice and everything else on the table, but this was the dessert I guess. ;)

A typical sushi meal last about 2 hours! It's nice to have a relaxing meal like that where we make and eat and talk and make and eat and talk. We had green tea too! The only problem with a meal like this is that by the time we are done eating I'm really REALLY not ready to clean up.

Youssef likes to make all his sushi and then eat it. I prefer to make and eat as I go.
(We only had canned tuna, tomatoes, and avocados for sushi this time.)

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