Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Candy Land!

Lily's new favorite thing is playing candy land! She's pretty good at it too as long as I keep her attention and act really excited about everything. It's fun though and really good for her right now to learn colors and matching. It's also really fun hearing her talk and get excited about "Kreen Kwrusteen" I think Queen Frostine IS her favorite and no wonder since she IS the best one to get after all!
Lily has only won a few times -- even though she cheats (unintentionally) -- but I think her main goal in the game is to get all the character cards. She loves those ones! :)


For the five minutes or so that I was in the back room getting dressed and Youssef was getting into the shower Lily decided to "help" by baby-sitting Renna. Quite ingenious really to dump out all the "puffs" for her to eat. When I came into the living room Renna was shoveling the treats into her mouth with both hands and I was trying to explain to Lily that she'd given Renna too much. Lily looked guilty and kept repeating "Too much. Too much." over and over and I couldn't help but get a picture of the happy baby feast before picking up most of the puffs and putting them back in the container. Fortunately I'd just vacuumed so the puffs could be saved without much worry. Renna wasn't too thrilled that I took most of her feast away. I think she liked her big sister's technique of babysitting.

It's so hard sometimes not to laugh when I'm trying to explain something to my child.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Renna's crawling! (Sort of) ;)

Renna has been rolling over for a several months now and she's just starting to go forward more. You can't quite see in the video, but she does this little inch-worm thing by laying on her tummy then getting up on her knees and pushes with her toes and then lays back down on her tummy to reach out to things. It's pretty cute. :) In this video she kept loosing interest in the toy I was trying to get her to crawl to (she was pretty tired from our busy morning), but there is some definite forward motion now!

Playing with Friends!

The Tucker kids came over last Saturday (so that Rebekah could go out with just Forrest for her birthday.. a day early) and we walked to the park! We also found out what those hangy things were actually for that are attached to the double stroller... they are hand holds! So handy too.

Lily and Noelle got to visit while we walked. (On the way back the boys took turns in there too since everyone was so worn out.)

And here's the new park that we found!

Unfortunately, the bathrooms were already closed for the year so that got a little tricky, but Youssef was with me so one of us could stay with the kids while the other took a kid to a bush or across the street to a store. It worked out all right and we didn't have an accident.

The kids had fun doing a "train" on the slide. They did it several times with each kid in the front.Timothy being spider-man.

David looking a bit tired at this point...

Everyone was SO hot on the way back that they all wanted to play in the pool when we got back.
Well, the kids didn't have suits with them, but there was this yard sale on the way home. They had kid clothes for 25 cents each and I found a swimsuit for Noelle and two pairs of nice shorts for the boys! I got a couple other things too.

As you can tell from the cheesy grins, the kids loved the pool! Lily was all done when Youssef dumped water over her head though. She said she was cold and then got out for her towel. I don't think the kids were quite ready to go home, but we all went to the Tuckers house and had dinner and then we put the super tired kids to sleep and played games. It was really fun, but of course we stayed up way too late again!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In the midst of packing to move...

All last weekend I spent all my available time (using the baby monitor a LOT) to clean the studio apartment upstairs. It was absolutely the nastiest most terrible looking disgusting... well it was bad. My suffice to say that it took three cleanings, my mop fell apart, and I'm glad we didn't have to clean the fridge. (A plus I suppose that we had to replace the one that he broke.) I painted the whole thing because of the smoke damage and it looks SO much better! The window wall has a sort of gray-tan paint and the rest is white. I love doing two colors like that in rooms. The new guy is moved in and we are really glad!
Then on Monday we had a garage sale and everyones favorite thing was the five person paddle boat. A few people were interested, but as of yet it remains unsold. If anyone wants it or knows of someone that wants it we are selling it for $480 and we only used it twice. The price includes five life jackets and for all of that we paid almost $700 so it's a pretty good deal! I kind of don't want to sell it, but it would be easier if we lived closer to a lake and weren't planning on moving to Dallas eventually.
We used balloons on the yard sale signs and here Lily is playing with them.

Renna likes the balloons too! She likes to reach out while I'm holding her and delicately take hold of one of the balloons ribbon with her finger and thumb. She's so good at plucking it out of the air. I was impressed that she's so good at that at only almost 6 months.

She was super into an apple today too. She liked to lick it and suck it, but got annoyed that she couldn't devour the whole thing. I might have to try apple sauce at some point. ;)