Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In the midst of packing to move...

All last weekend I spent all my available time (using the baby monitor a LOT) to clean the studio apartment upstairs. It was absolutely the nastiest most terrible looking disgusting... well it was bad. My suffice to say that it took three cleanings, my mop fell apart, and I'm glad we didn't have to clean the fridge. (A plus I suppose that we had to replace the one that he broke.) I painted the whole thing because of the smoke damage and it looks SO much better! The window wall has a sort of gray-tan paint and the rest is white. I love doing two colors like that in rooms. The new guy is moved in and we are really glad!
Then on Monday we had a garage sale and everyones favorite thing was the five person paddle boat. A few people were interested, but as of yet it remains unsold. If anyone wants it or knows of someone that wants it we are selling it for $480 and we only used it twice. The price includes five life jackets and for all of that we paid almost $700 so it's a pretty good deal! I kind of don't want to sell it, but it would be easier if we lived closer to a lake and weren't planning on moving to Dallas eventually.
We used balloons on the yard sale signs and here Lily is playing with them.

Renna likes the balloons too! She likes to reach out while I'm holding her and delicately take hold of one of the balloons ribbon with her finger and thumb. She's so good at plucking it out of the air. I was impressed that she's so good at that at only almost 6 months.

She was super into an apple today too. She liked to lick it and suck it, but got annoyed that she couldn't devour the whole thing. I might have to try apple sauce at some point. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yes the apartment was very, very dirty, but it looks very very good now. You did a good job.