Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing with Friends!

The Tucker kids came over last Saturday (so that Rebekah could go out with just Forrest for her birthday.. a day early) and we walked to the park! We also found out what those hangy things were actually for that are attached to the double stroller... they are hand holds! So handy too.

Lily and Noelle got to visit while we walked. (On the way back the boys took turns in there too since everyone was so worn out.)

And here's the new park that we found!

Unfortunately, the bathrooms were already closed for the year so that got a little tricky, but Youssef was with me so one of us could stay with the kids while the other took a kid to a bush or across the street to a store. It worked out all right and we didn't have an accident.

The kids had fun doing a "train" on the slide. They did it several times with each kid in the front.Timothy being spider-man.

David looking a bit tired at this point...

Everyone was SO hot on the way back that they all wanted to play in the pool when we got back.
Well, the kids didn't have suits with them, but there was this yard sale on the way home. They had kid clothes for 25 cents each and I found a swimsuit for Noelle and two pairs of nice shorts for the boys! I got a couple other things too.

As you can tell from the cheesy grins, the kids loved the pool! Lily was all done when Youssef dumped water over her head though. She said she was cold and then got out for her towel. I don't think the kids were quite ready to go home, but we all went to the Tuckers house and had dinner and then we put the super tired kids to sleep and played games. It was really fun, but of course we stayed up way too late again!


Anonymous said...

It does look like the kids had so much fun.

Rebekah said...

Thanks again so much for babysitting! I'm so glad they had such a great time. :-) It's fun to see pictures of their day!

jeremy and lenore diviney said...

wow, you rock for babysitting

Lynne' said...

They were all really really good so it wasn't such a big deal. We had a lot of fun. The only hard thing was when someone needed to go to the bathroom (like I said), but Youssef was there so I didn't have to worry about hauling ALL the kids WITH me for one kid to go. THAT would have been a pain. They were getting pretty tired near the end, but mainly it was fun to just play with everyone.

Or I could say, "Poor me, to have so much WORK to do. All that running around the play ground at the park and crawling through the tunnels and watching the kids roll down the hill." Yeah, it wasn't a big deal. They are all really good kids. ;)