Thursday, October 16, 2008

All about the move...

I found this little princess doll at "other mother's" for just a couple dollars and I sewed a bunch of beads on it to make is snazzy. Lily unwrapped her special gift a few days before we moved. I thought it might help her to get something special when her little world was turning upside down and getting rather confusing. They even match! She carried the new doll everywhere. She really like it!
Last look at my poor little garden... (and I picked a few of the orange tomatoes to ripen at the new place)
And now we are in the work zone! My Dad was finishing something on the floors.. the baseboards or something and it was really loud so Lily and Jonathan wore these. The gate that slowed her down enough for me to get this picture is where our door will be at some point.
Lily has a bunk-bed now! She likes to go up there sometimes and read or watch a movie on her little dvd player. Renna is on Youssef's lap, but the book is in the way so you can't see her.

This is our bathroom sink/bathtub/kitchen sink/dishing area/litterbox cover/uttility sink area.
Lily liked playing in the bubbles. Renna actually got to take a bath in there first, but the batteries on my camera were dead and so I didn't get a picture.

I need to buy new batteries so that I can actually get a few more pictures. And I need to take some so that I can put them up on here to show off the new digs. The main room is really wonderfully huge. I'm going to scrapbook today and it will be so nice to be able to leave out the table with my stuff on it! I need to do some sort of crock pot meal today... or chilli so that I don't have to worry about dinner. ... must start a fire inthe fire-place... put the dishes away... and water plants. I was really sick and it's nice to have a somewhat "normal" day so that I can do some easy things like this and also be productive too! Tomorrow is going to be way too busy.