Monday, November 17, 2008

The cutie

I saw this outfit at Shopko and showed it to Renna...

Well she took on look and felt it! And grinned away and held it and felt it again!

She was so cute with it that I wanted to get it for her.

There was another one that was purple and a 4T (Lily's size) that I wanted to get for Lily so they could "match" .. Lily wasn't as interested though so I didn't get it for her (I think she would have liked it.. she was just tired and not paying attention) I DID get them another set of outfits to match though! Both with a little pink furry jacket and dress-like top with leggings. It was a bit trendy for my taste, but I think they'll really like it. Renna liked how that one felt too. Lily has been so into dresses this entire year that I think she'll have fun dressing up in it. I'm going to save them for Christmas though! So.. no pictures till then. I got myself a pair of jeans that actually fit really well and are super comfortable AND look good (unheard of)! I also got a purple hoody and a jean jacket for myself. It's really funny though because when I see the jacket on the back of one of our chairs I keep pictureing it on one (or all) of my fashionable friends and I keep thinking how it couldn't be mine because I don't normally get to own fashionable things like that! For some reason I've just always wanted one and never had one and always loved how they look on other people. I sort of feel like Anne of Green Gables with her puffed sleeves. Like I finally have something that makes me look in style and pretty like the other girls.

I never know what other people consider "in style" though, so if jean jackets aren't the thing anymore and I'm behind the times please DON'T tell me. I want to enjoy my "puffed sleeves" now that I have them! I usually pick what I like more than what other people think are in style anyway. And... I reeeally like.. AND it was on sale which makes me much happier too. Now I need to run to town (the little one) and do a tiny bit of shopping. I needed to do that anyway, but it's a fun excuse to wear the new clothes. I'll have to stop by where Youssef works so he can see us all snazzed up. ;) This might be the first time after having kids that I actually feel like I look pretty (and am comfortable!) in clothes that actually fit. So weird. I didn't even have to do any seamstressing magic on any of them!?!


Ryan said...

I totally know what you mean!! I hardly ever feel like I look good in my clothes and like you dont have the time or money to find some that I feel good in, but when I do I love that feeling....have fun enjoying your "puffed sleeves".

jeremy and lenore diviney said...

I want a picture of you in the jacket!! Renna is adorable, I feel like I have COMPLETELY missed her baby phase. ARGH!

Ryan said...

Good idea! I want to see a picture of you in the jacket too!