Saturday, November 29, 2008


Renna really liked her ornaments. I think she was confused though as to why I kept taking them away to hang on the tree.

Lily picked out her ornament this year and she wanted a Tinkerbell ball one. The picture above is of her hugging it when I first gave it to her! It was really cute. She is really into Tinkerbell and princesses and sparkly girly dress-up things. ;) (*shh* She's getting a Tinkerbell doll for christmas AND a nighty with Tinkerbell on it too!)

The girls were watching Rudolph this afternoon after I finally finished straightening and rearranging the living room (this was before we put the ornaments on the tree)

Youssef had fun outside rolling a snowball. Lily was with him for a while but then came in because she was wet and cold (her snow stuff isn't the greatest).

I made a really tasty quiche this morning. I didn't use a recipe, but it turned out really good! A guy that Youssef interviewed for a story in the paper (who was a buffalo farmer) gave him some buffalo sausage and I put some in the quiche. It was really good. Youssef thought it smelled like bacon. I thought it smelled like jerky, but which ever way it tasted (though it did have it's own taste) was really really good. And nice to know that it is so much better for us than the store bought meat that is mainly fat and junk that they inject the animals with.

If anyone would be interested in going in with us to buy some buffalo meat let us know! Youssef is going to find out how much it is and I'm guessing the more people the merrier as far as splitting a side of buffalo. It's organic in case you are wondering. :)

Renna sees her first snow fall.

Lily feeds the nutcracker some breakfast meat. It is so funny how much she loves the nutcracker. I think we'll have to take her to a showing of the nutcracker next year. Every other year she was always fascinated with it, but afraid to touch it. This year she's been carrying it all around and treating it like her own special nutcracker. She really does need her own because this one is mine! I got it the second year we were married because we couldn't aford it the first year... and the first year we were married we went to the nutcracker together.


Ryan said...

Your house looks really cool!! I love all the picts of the girls.. having two girls is so much fun and yours are adorable!

Carla said...

Oooooh, such precious pictures of both Lily and Renna! And I am glad to see a picture of your place. It looks like a wonderful and memorable holiday!