Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dressing up!!!

Is she a flower fairy princess with a pet snow bunny?

We got a good smile from Lily after she ate some candy. ;)

I liked making Renna match both Lily and my costumes!

Many people took a second and third and sometimes more looks at Youssef. He was really hard to see in the dark.... except his smile. Very awesomely freaky. ;)

Lily's dress is supposed to look like an upside down flower...

Renna is an English lop in case you are thinking her ears are a little large for her size... that's how they are. ;)

"The Snow Queen" is one of my favorite fairy tales.... so of course...
here I am making some snow!

Night crawler shows how he can stand on one foot before teleporting to work.

For even MORE pictures (that are different... I think...) check out facebook!

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Carla said...

These are some of the pictures I have on my coffee mug right now. Everyone loves the costumes, but now they are asking for Christmas pictures!