Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random playing..

Lily was playing peek-a-boo with Renna and making her giggle!
I love it when they play together!

Lily helped me make pumpkin pies and cracked me up when she got a spoon and kept asking if the pumpkin pies were ready to eat. She was ready... she had a spoon. ;)

Renna knows how to climb onto the little trampoline now. She's been all over the place crawling and pulling herself up and walking along things. She holds her balance even when I'm moving the object that she's holding onto! She probably could try to walk without holding on, but she's a careful little girl and is very sensitive to hurting herself so she takes it slow. It's funny because Lily was always nurvous about outside things or noises.. like the vacuum or strangers and Renna will go to almost anyone and she follows me when I vacuum trying to get at it! Lily though was so terribly daring with learning to walk and just taking off over things. I can't count how many times Lily fell off the bed! Yet, Renna is really cautious about things like that. Not about things though, about doing. It's really fascinating to see what they are like. :)

This picture cracked me up. Both girls in their matching jammies and with their favorite toys. Lily is feeding her pig from a dolls sippy cup and I the next pictures that I took (I didn't post them because our connection is slow) Renna of course was wanting Lily's toys. Why is it that the other kids toys are always better? Renna does love her little elmo doll and book though. It's hard to tell what Renna will like for Christmas since she really has pretty much everything since Lily had so many toys to pass on. I've decided to get her books. They have some really neat interactive ones now and I've showed her some in the store and she really likes them. Lily does too, so it's nice to be getting something that will last a few years and both girls like. :)

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Rachel said...

Those matching pj's are too cute!