Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Missing Christmas...

I couldn't bare to take these down quite yet.. especially since I just finished Renna's

I'm sad to see these things go

It was too short of a time...

Oh.. and cheap oranges...

I was ready in a way to take down our decorations.. but not at the same time. I've never felt like a Christmas season has gone by as quickly as this one. Usually, I'm ready to take everything down the week after Christmas, but this year I only took stuff down because the tree was so dry that it would lose needles if you looked at it and Lily's birthday is on Sunday (got to decorate with everything princess!) So everything is taken down except the Christmas pictures that I just couldn't take down quite yet...

Our first Christmas.. the good old days..

Pregnant with Lily feeling really heavy..

Lily's first Christmas where we went a visiting all of Youssef's side.

Last year looking forward to the baby sister (but I didn't want to be in the shot this time... and anyway, Lily was too cute by herself!)

This year! Renna's first Christmas and all of us together.

I think I'll do a group picture every few years or so and the ones in the middle will be just the girls. Mainly because they change a lot quicker than we do. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas happenings...

I let Renna try some candy cane... She has a sweet tooth now that she has FOUR teeth, and she just got her two front teeth in time for Christmas... how ironic!

Renna thought her newest cousin was pretty interesting. I got the fun job of waking Sophie up so she could eat.. hence the playing with the toes. ;)

Lily is standing in front of her new doll house holding her Tinkerbell doll, wearing her new Tinkerbell nighty, and holding her baby doll with the new matching Tinkerbell outfit. She was flipping out with all the fun Tinkerbell things and kept saying "For me" over and over as she opened the presents. :)

She had chocolate for breakfast on our own family Christmas (which was before the big family Christmas which was before the BiggEr family Christmas.)

This was within the past week before we got at least another foot of snow! Lily and Jonathan have been enjoying the snow a LOT. Tomorrow might be a good snow fort making day since it is starting to warm up. It's going to be really nasty if it warms up and ALL the snow starts to melt.. we are talking over two feet at least!

Well, it was a fun Christmas! And now that I'm mostly done with the Christmas projects (except our letter which is usually a newyears letter anyway.. and mailing presents to Youssef's side.. we were a bit late) I'll be needing to get ready for Lily's birthday in one week! *A moment of panic* It will be fun though and a princess theme (Christmas was all Tinkerbell.. and her birthday will be all Princesses.) :) She's going to love it! I'm not sure when I want to invite people for a party though... hmm....

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Happy family!


Whoops, one is slipping down!

Renna has been feeling her bottom teeth a lot... it looks kind of funny. ;)

A few days ago when I got our Christmas stuff out the girls had lots of fun with the nativity! They've been playing with it a lot and Lily's been talking about Jesus and the wisemen and everything. It's really fun. We haven't read many of the Christmas books yet, but we had our Fondue tradition today (that starts in December and keeps going through Christmas.)