Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas happenings...

I let Renna try some candy cane... She has a sweet tooth now that she has FOUR teeth, and she just got her two front teeth in time for Christmas... how ironic!

Renna thought her newest cousin was pretty interesting. I got the fun job of waking Sophie up so she could eat.. hence the playing with the toes. ;)

Lily is standing in front of her new doll house holding her Tinkerbell doll, wearing her new Tinkerbell nighty, and holding her baby doll with the new matching Tinkerbell outfit. She was flipping out with all the fun Tinkerbell things and kept saying "For me" over and over as she opened the presents. :)

She had chocolate for breakfast on our own family Christmas (which was before the big family Christmas which was before the BiggEr family Christmas.)

This was within the past week before we got at least another foot of snow! Lily and Jonathan have been enjoying the snow a LOT. Tomorrow might be a good snow fort making day since it is starting to warm up. It's going to be really nasty if it warms up and ALL the snow starts to melt.. we are talking over two feet at least!

Well, it was a fun Christmas! And now that I'm mostly done with the Christmas projects (except our letter which is usually a newyears letter anyway.. and mailing presents to Youssef's side.. we were a bit late) I'll be needing to get ready for Lily's birthday in one week! *A moment of panic* It will be fun though and a princess theme (Christmas was all Tinkerbell.. and her birthday will be all Princesses.) :) She's going to love it! I'm not sure when I want to invite people for a party though... hmm....

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