Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Happy family!


Whoops, one is slipping down!

Renna has been feeling her bottom teeth a lot... it looks kind of funny. ;)

A few days ago when I got our Christmas stuff out the girls had lots of fun with the nativity! They've been playing with it a lot and Lily's been talking about Jesus and the wisemen and everything. It's really fun. We haven't read many of the Christmas books yet, but we had our Fondue tradition today (that starts in December and keeps going through Christmas.)


Ryan said...

I love the family pictures!! My mom has that same nativity at her house and my girls all love playing with it.
Renna has such pretty eyes!

Rachel said...

How sweet! Renna's catching up to big sister!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her feeling her teeth! her hair looks JUST LIKE trin's at that age. sniff. obviously you know this is lenore, it won't accept my password so I'm doing it this way