Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Princess!

What you can't tell in the picture is that the tiara and wand had flashing lights!
This was such a fun birthday party because she is now at that magical "3" age where everything says "3 and up" ... she is playing (princess) bingo and (princess) dominoes and candy land and everything now. It's really fun to see her grow into things and it's so much fun to play with her! I love hearing her imagination as she makes up little things with her toys and dolls too.

Her party wasn't really long enough though! I wanted to play more games, but it was just right for the kids I think. After the hot dog dinner (that she'd picked out when we went shopping a few days ago), we watched the "Pirates who don't do anything" on the wall with the projector. It was just the right time for the kids to watch a movie... what with all the sugar at first and then hard playing afterward they were ready for some down time.

She's looking in a mirror. ;)

The girls took turns wearing the crown too. And all the girls got princess lip gloss necklaces and a pirate compass (because of the pirate movie.) They were pirate princesses, of course. ;) Lily was pretty excited about all of it, and it was so fun to be able to ask her what she wanted for her party (like what movie) and to have her tell me and remember what was going to happen and keep being excited and anticipating things.

The crazy candy-land-castle-cupcake-princess-birthday-cake
that I made for her was well received.

It was really fun... I've never really tried decorating a cake before since I'm not a huge fan of the taste of cake, but it was really fun! Though... I'd do some things differently now that I know more of what to do.

Her favorite thing about the cake was the princesses that were decorating it and she started playing with them right away. It is really cute to hear her little diologs with her toys. The cake actually just survived long enough for her to enjoy the singing and blowing out of the candles and about an hour later the top had toppled over.... perhaps it was from a little kid grabbing a snack? Or perhaps it just couldn't take any more stress, but it didn't matter much anyway since we threw away most of it. The point wasn't really to eat it (since we did all the decorating of cupcakes and eating candy bit right before this...) It was all about the princesses and the castle. Though the blue "mote" cookies were eaten even if not much else on it was!

I'm really glad Lily had so much fun! :)