Sunday, February 08, 2009

girly cuteness...

Youssef caught a picture of us reading together in the little pink play house. ;)

The other day I decided to make Lily some play jumpers since she loves to wear dresses all the time and didn't have any good *play* ones so this is the fabric she picked out form my stash. She calls it her "candy cane dress" and has worn it a lot. I finished sewing the dress while Renna was sleeping and when Renna woke up from her nap Lily went into the room and said, "Yook, Wenna! My Canny Cane dwess!"

This is of Lily spinning of course, but I have to say something about the princess nighty. We were looking at clothes in Walmart, I wasn't planning on buying anything, but Lily saw this princess nighty and and she said, "A Princess! It matches me!" Because she has EVERYTHING princess themed now adays. And considaring that she only had one other nighty.. a tinkerbell one from Christmas.. and she wares it ALL the time.. I thought it would be good to get it for her. She wanted it so much that when I tried to put it in the cart she wanted to get down from riding in the cart and just walk with it drapped over her arm.. to keep track of it I guess. It was pretty cute. I don't mind buying things for her that she wears and loves THIS much. I don't often buy her clothes because she mainly wears jammies all the time. ;)

This is just tonight. Lily fell asleep in the car on the way home from our church in Spokane and so she is up a bit later than usual. Youssef and a friend were watching a show that had some bad language in it ("Eagle Eye" - really interesting, but not appropriate for a three year old) She's watching the "Barbie Christmas carol" with head phones.. and this is just so much more advanced technically than when I was a kid.. it was funny. :)

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