Monday, August 10, 2009

The latest scrapbook page (comic book style) - the pictures were from just over a year ago.

(In case you can't read the talk bubbles)

- Issue #34 "I scream you scream we all scream for ice-cream!"

"You want an ice cream bar, Renna?"

:Uncle Daniel speaks of things that I have not yet discovered...

:WOW! This is the most amazing, incredible thing that I have experienced thus far...

:Oh yeah! More more more more... Yummy!

:Wait... where did it go?

:It's gone?

:No! Nooooo!!!

:Hahahah AhaHahahaha!

:Hee hee Heeheee

:WaaaaHHH! Give it back!

:It was YOU! You ate my ice cream! I knew it, you dairy villain.

- Next issue: "Trapped behind the Hershey-bars"


jeremy and lenore diviney said...

you are a master of small pictures. I can't get my stupid printer to use photo paper so I NEVER printed my own pictures. which means I work strictly from 4x6's some of them are croppable but it's not the same as actually printing something smaller. I htink it very much affects my style.

Ryan said...

Very cute as usual lynne !!