Monday, August 03, 2009

Why do these look so much worse in a picture?

This tank had some holes in the front and I artistically added some fabric to cover them and then added even more fabric to make it look better. I just used a ziggzag stitch and top-stitched it all on with this varrigated green thread that I had.. just gives me an undershirt for some layers and things. I did another tank similar to this, but it was black and had navy blue fabric added to it. It's weird, but whatever...
This rose top is super comfortable and I think it looks good enough to wear to a nice thing. I have some dark red fabric that I want to make some pants to go with it as well as possibly something else.. anyway, this was a nightgown at one point. I sort of just pinched it here and there and thought it looked neat and there you go. It looks worse in the picture than I remember it looking in the mirror... oh well...

This brown one was originally a long sleeved high-necked T-shirt. Very boring, and I hate high necked things. The neck and sleeves are just hand-stitched with the different color and the gathered parts are gathered with beading elastic that I threaded through wooden buttons. Totally stole this idea from an expensive shirt that I saw. It's super comfy.

This purple button up is one of several that I just made the sleeves short. Not super impressive, but super easy.

The violet one is another example of a shirt that was Youssefs. This took a bit more work because it wasn't made very well to begin with and I had to fix a few more things than normal (the whole front button section was slanted and so I did some adjusting and it now won't un-button, but I can pull it over my head anyway, so who cares?) Oh, and it has a purple butterfly embroidered on the pocket. The jeans' embroidery came from another pair that I had that I bought this iron on stuff to fix a patch at the knee (with a butterfly) and added the flowers so that the butterfly didn't look like a patch job. Well... those jeans just got too ratty and so I took off all the iron on stuff from those and added it to these jeans that I wear all the time. I guess it looks good.

This plaid job was a shirt of mine that had short sleeves and a collar. I just hate high necked things and thought it would look better with a bit less plaid. The front is just folded down with elastic in it and the straps were the cuff part on the sleeves so I didn't even have to sew them.. just cut them off the sleeves and sew them to the top

This pinky one doesn't look so good on the dress form, but is a good example of the vertical elastic idea.

Anyway, you asked for more pics and there you go. My clothes aren't that impressive even when I fix them up. A before and after type thing might have been more interesting, but over all they look a lot better then they did. :)


Rebekah said...

I really think you're being too critical, they all look great! I mean we all know clothes don't always look as good either hanging up or in pictures as they will in real, moving life when they are being worn. This stuff is all so cool and it's good to have those ideas for future reference! :-) Thanks for sharing!

jeremy and lenore diviney said...

I especially like the "night-gown" one and the plaid tank/blouse. super cute!

Heather said...

I think these things look great Lynne. Kudos for you for having the vision and idea to try them! I wish I could make more time to sew and do fun projects. Maybe when the kids are much older perhaps! Glad you were able to make use of what you have. You go Proverbs 31 woman!