Saturday, December 19, 2009

The long awaited nutcracker performance.

Partly, this was long awaited because Lily knew she was getting a princess dress and partly because she LOVES the nutcracker.. of any kind or version of said show or performance.
This morning we let her open her dress which was on this dress form that my littlest is hugging (made out of duct tape.. totally awesome idea.) Then I let her open her nutcracker, she oohed and awwed at all the right moments as she unwrapped it.
Her dress was beyond puffy as you can kind of see in the above picture. I felt like a maid of honor as I helped her use the bathroom because I had to hold the gigantic poof of the dress up for her. Incidentally, her dress started out as a walmart $12 cookie cutter dress and I add the layers of pink organza with sparkles, tucked it here and there and added a pink ruffle and bow and altered the side of the original dress because it was too big and VOILA! The most princess of princess dresses. Every little girl that saw her walk by turned green with envy... such will be the life of my daughters since they have a seamstress for a mother. ;]
Out in the lobby there was a row of large nutcrackers and Lily was checking them out. (The show was the best that I'd seen by-the-way!)
Our little princess with her absurdly handsome daddy. ;]

This would be the last picture that I took when I was just told not to take any more pictures... I was being evil. Of course, they SAID no flash photography with the dancers and I didn't take pictures when the dancers were on stage! Lily always does this goofy smile when she sees a camera... it seems rare that I can capture her "real" smile. "Think of something funny." "Tickle tickle?" hmm... you get the idea.

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