Saturday, December 19, 2009

The ski trip on my brother's 30 birthday! (Forgot to post these pictures before...)

Daniel is demonstrating his awesome ability to pose in a skiing position. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! :]
Oh, wait... Daniel you are going the wrong direction! (Just kidding.) ;]
Natalie- far left (my sister in law of course) Daniel (big bro) and Zack (Natalie's big bro)
The view, through the snow covered trees.
Off of my ski's to show the depth of the snow on the mountain (we were on 49) and there's not a whole lot up there yet.. but it was enough...

When we got as far up the mountain as we wanted to go Daniel pulled out his cook stove and made some cocoa for us! Fabulous.Another artistic shot by mwa. The cocoa had an interesting piney flavor as Daniel stirred it with a stick that had much red sap... none of us died or got close to ill though, so it was all good.
Me being artistic again... if I lightened this maybe it would make a nice poster...
Natalie was unzipping the *cough* vents *cough* on Daniel's coat because he was too hot. ;]

All of us together! Zack, Daniel, Natalie, and me (Lynne') it felt like old times (except that all of us were more out of shape!) Seriously though, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. I'd been wanting to ski for SO long and have always been pregnant or otherwise unable to go when there was snow. WHOOP! I want to go again. Oh, there WILL be a free day on 49 on January 9 and 10 if anyone wants to go and spend absolutely nothing... maybe I could even talk Youssef into going then? (He's not so keen on winter sports.. the twerp.) ;]


Daniel and Natalie said...

tee-hee! thanks Lynne'! It was fun to relive the day. I had a blast! You take good pictures too. See you soon!!!

Joel A. Shaver said...

That looks pretty good actually... I've been away from skiing long enough that I'm missing it! Wish Heather and I were around for the 9th... And that I hadn't outgrown my skis in high school!