Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crafts for Babes

The project? BEADING!

The dilemma? Needles with children. Okay, so what do you use that a child from 18 months to whatever would like to use to bead?

Pipecleaners!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right. It's brillient because the beads don't fall off every which way and the kids don't need a needle that can slip off of the thread or elastic. The other great things about pipecleaner beading is that you can shape them into anything you want to shape them into. (Here's another place you can have the kids shape letters.) Renna isn't into beading as much as Lily was at this age (and younger!), but she did it for a little while and the pipecleaner really helped. Lily actually could use a needle and thread at 18 months, but she is probably unusual that way

Okay, so what we did with the beaded strands is hang them from our lights that are above the art/school/craft/whatever room.

Here's a farther back view of the decor in our craft room. Of course, you could make beaded pipecleaner ornaments or chains for garlands or whatever. It's just a fun thing to keep them busy and it's always nice to be able to display what they've made. :]


Daniel and Natalie said...

cute cute cute! I love the idea of adorning the lights!

jen said...

shoelaces also work -- i remember using those 25 years ago when i was in preschool.