Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art work...

This was a commission from last February 2009... I couldn't remember if I'd posted pictures.. or could find them and I have a hard time explaining what my art IS. Of course, even if people see this in person they often still don't know how I'm doing it. Which.. of course is perfectly fine! I like being original. :]

The lady that bought this wanted a floral arrangement that was Victorian in essence. I pulled out my old books from school when I took a quarter of floral design and "arranged" the flowers in an asymmetric design. Victorian floral arrangements liked to have arrange the flowers in a very overflowing way. The Peony and status and Lilies and old fashioned baby's breathe are all pretty appropriate for the period as well.

The colors that she wanted were a gold (hence the Lilies) and rose pink and sage green... the purple I just added because I liked it.

As you can see, the black poster-board paper is the closest thing to the viewer. First I cut all the shapes from the black and then layer the strips of paper on the back side. And this next picture is what the back looks like. Yes, this is what I see the whole time I'm working. I do sections at a time and then flip it over to make sure I didn't make a mistake (as in let the raw edge of any of the paper show... just the folded edges are supposed to show) and if what I was envisioning actually worked.

I use photo safe tape over the paper strips after I've glued each one down one at a time. Sometimes I have to take out a section if it is totally weird looking and other times I turn it over to check and it's different than what I've planned but it still looks good. In that way the art sometimes has a mind of it's own which is pretty fun for me. :]

And there it is... not as impressive as seeing a giant version in all it's dimensions on the wall, but you get the general idea. :] Some day these are going to be worth a lot more than I'm able to sell them for right now.... why are artists usually only appreciated after they are dead?

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Rebekah said...

Really pretty! Also I like that top photo at an angle, it's a cool perspective. :-) I'm always really impressed by your paper-folding art!