Friday, May 28, 2010

More homeschooling ideas for toddlers

Today, for our school time I was going to take them outside to read on a blanket in the sunshine, but spring is pretty fickle and right before we went out the sunny day turned to rain. The girls were pretty upset, so I chose books for us to read about seasons. "I am a Bunny" and "Katy and the Big Snow" for instance (along with a couple other ones)...
We talked about the seasons a bit and then I got this idea for them to have a "snow box"!!! Yes, it is baking soda actually (because flour was too expensive to use and I can pour this stuff back in the box since my husband just uses it to put on his socks.. so.. it doesn't matter if they play in it first!)

They're having fun making tracks in the "snow" and playing with their little animals and dolls and cars. This last picture is a fairy telling the polly pocket doll in the car to "use her imagination to get out of the snow."

They are still playing with their "snow boxes" as I type this. This sort of "snow" does get a bit dusty, but it will be easy to vacuum off of them and they are so happy and content playing and using their imaginations. I love coming up with ideas that go along with our story reading.

Lily is now singing "Oh christmas tree..." So cute. :]

Anyway, hope it inspires some of you other mother's out there as well!

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Y S said...

I love these entries, Lynne'!