Monday, July 12, 2010

On moving and a special "sale"

Hi! So, most of you know that we are going to be moving to Dallas (Youssef at the end of this month, and the rest of us some few months after that.) Well, we are a little under our savings quota to make this happen well (also the more we can earn for all of this the sooner our family will get to be together again also.) I've decided to put sale prices on my small artworks to help us reach our goal, and also make cards for those of you who can help us reach our goal and also get some beautiful cards at a special price. Each card is made with black cardstock (black is a trademark to my art) and has a black envelope to match. I have to cut and glue white paper on the envelope and inside of the card so there is a place to write and the high quality photo prints of my artwork on the front of the card each have nice black photo corners to set the pictures off beautifully. Normally I sell them for $5 each in their own clear plastic cover, but for the next two weeks I'm going to sell them for half off and without the plastic (unless someone just wants one.)

$2.50 a card and you can pick ANY of my artworks and as many or few or varied as you'd like. For those people who live far enough away where I'd need to mail the cards in a large envelope the minimum is 10 cards, but for anyone who lives near us and would like some cards at the special price you can order less than that. Check out my fan page on facebook to choose the artworks that you'd like on your cards. You can send me an inbox message on facebook with the amount of cards and the names or descriptions of the artworks that you'd like.

Of course, if you'd like to donate an extra amount on top of the amount for each card we won't turn that away either! But, I also know how difficult the economy is for everyone right now... it hasn't felt much different to us since we've always had to live this way, but we are working really hard to get to a more stable place. Anyway, if you can... please check out my art page and order some cards or one of the original pieces (those will be worth a lot some day.) ;]

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Hannah Tucker said...

Lynne' -
Have you checked out I don't know if you'd have good sales there or not (I never have, but I haven't been as dedicated to my art as you), but I know a great many other artists have, and it would probably be worth looking at.