Saturday, October 02, 2010

"The galleria"

Four levels of mall with an iceskating rink at the bottom... and palm trees at the top. It was a quick trip because (besides for the Starbucks) there was nothing that they were selling that we were interested in. It was all overly priced trendy clothes. I liked some of the things I saw, but don't have money to spend on it and it just made me feel dowdy as all these fashionable people would come out of stores with their bags of purchases and look me up and down as if I were a hick. Okay, so Daniel and Youssef said that was all in my head.. I'm sure it was.. but still.. we didn't stay long. It was fun to just see the place though. Perhaps one day we will go iceskating there.
Appropriately there was a choir singing the "Yellow rose of Texas" right when we happened upon them. Daniel teased Youssef about it, "Wow, how did you plan all of this?" .. yeah, he's that good... ? No, it was serendipity. ;]

After we got some Starbucks drinks we headed back out of the mall and went to one that was more my style. It had a kids play place and some more "normal" stores and a few interesting ones, but the prices were way better and I took note of where they were in that mall for a later visit. :]


Daniel and Natalie said...

haha! LOVE the choir singing. They might have been looking at you like a hick. but you are one heck-uv-a stylish hick! :) Besides, trends are over-rated and just a way to suck peoples money out of them. Trust me I know, they suck my money all the time ;)!

Rebekah said...

Wow! That's an amazing place. Very cool! And I can relate, I would have felt totally the same as you with people looking at me like I was a hick. But I agree, it's all in your head! ;-)

Jessica said...

I'm a city girl through and through and I would have felt like a hick there too! (Not that I'm fashionable at all...) Looks like a neat place though!