Saturday, December 04, 2010

Holiday and school time

Lily has been going through "Sing Spell Read Write" which I'm super impressed with so far! It was a bit pricy, but considering that it will go through two other kids and reading is such a VERY important step to the rest of school I wanted to get something really good. Renna joins in as well with the singing and likes the story time of course (in the picture above she's practicing her cutting abilities with some scraps of paper.) I read to them while Lily colors some of the pictures, but I have to pay attention when Lily does the manuscript writing. I'm pretty picky about making sure she writes them so they look like the letter and they are formed the right way, BUT she works really hard and earns a sticker for every two pages of her school (she does four a day)
The picture above is the "raceway track" that goes with the reading program and under it is our little chart of stickers. Once she earns ten stickers she gets a "prize" from the dollar store. It's usually a puzzle (she adores puzzles and is quite good at them!) or a coloring book or some paper dolls or whatever else we find there that she'd like. She loves to paint so that's a big deal. She also gets a sticker sometimes for cleaning up her room or something like that. So far it's been a great incentive to help her push through hard tasks and finish well. (Some people might call this bribery, but I'd like to point out that it's no different than a pay check! Seriously, even if someone really likes there job are they going to do it as well without ANY incentive? Even us home-makers often make incentives for ourselves, like planning to do something fun after cleaning the house, etc. Anyway, I rest my case.)
Renna is showing off her new panda and pj's. She liked these fuzzy ones that said "Joy" better than any others we saw and the panda laughs. ;] The other night (for "lego night") Youssef put the train together under the tree and it's often left going around the little people nativity. It's amazing how many toys we ALREADY have. They definitely didn't need much more (in the toy department) to make this christmas fun.
had to get a picture of Renna's naturally curly hair. It either is all cute and ringlety like this or she will look a bit like a mad scientist with it going everywhere and not in the perfect curls. If I get it wet and let it dry on it's own though it will do this. I just can't cut it yet!
This was just tonight after we'd made a bunch of cards and colored and stuff with Lily's new real box of crayons! I'd only ever gotten her the junky crayons from the dollar store that are mainly wax. These crayons are all nice in a box and have a brighter color to them. She's showing of HER new jammies that we just got today. I hadn't planned on getting her any because she sort of still fit the ones from last year, but these were on sale for $5 and she needed something that fit better and were lighter weight. Renna needed warmer ones because she kicks off her covers and gets cold and Lily snuggles under her blankets and gets hot. Anyway, it's always fun to have new jammies during the holiday's. The girls tend to wear them most of the time anyway. I wanted to get them some new clothes as well.. just a couple comfy outfits for Christmas, but I might not have the money right now... maybe they'll be on sale though AFTER Christmas... not ideal, but it would work.
Here's Lily's school station in the dinning room. She put up the crowns and jewels on the wall all by herself (after coloring them and cutting them out herself too!) I'm glad she likes to do projects so much... it keeps her happy and busy for a LONG time. Which is really nice because she's the type that needs a lot to do for her busy little mind and body.

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jeremy and lenore diviney said...

I love new jammies too! have you found any good thrift shops yet? I was thinking back to when we moved here. it was hard that first year without any friends yet and a new baby. I'm thankful you already know some people around there and hoping your transition goes well. It sounds like things are going pretty well but I do know how you feel. moving is hard. So glad you get to visit the family in january right? very cool. love!