Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I recently got a compliment.. or observance... from a friend that has known me since I was 12. He said that he could see this the most after I got married, but just said that he was impressed at how well I manage our budget and home.

It's a funny compliment because it's like being told that you're a really patient person.. or humble or something. It doesn't feel gratifying in anyway to be told that I'm good at managing the very little that we have (by still being able to make healthy homecooked meals and use what resources I have to decorate our house and so forth.) It usually just feels like I'm constantly living in the "necessity is the mother of invention" that I've always been in; even growing up. I mainly just feel like I'm doing what I need to do. It's difficult usually and takes creativity and doesn't feel like something that I should get a compliment about, but in another way it was nice to hear because of the difficult time we are in now and because I'm more likely to feel embarrassed about how little I have to manage than like I'm living in victory. There's always the thought that if I were better at living modestly and budgeting even closer then it wouldn't be as hard as it is right now with Youssef out of work. So, in that way it was encouraging to hear, especially since it was from an old friend that has observed what we've gone through over the years and who knows me pretty well.

However, food budgeting was a LOT easier before I went gluten free. Lily and I become useless lumps if we have wheat though. It's hard enough just dealing with two little kids, homeschooling, and being pregnant and naturally more tired. Adding back wheat wouldn't be worth it considering the ridiculous lethargy that it seems to create in me (and Lily too) .. and mood swings (I have enough with pregnancy.. I don't need to add more by just eating wheat) besides other issues that aren't as immediate. SO! How do I do it?

Here's something that I discovered as I was looking for tomato soup. Lily and I really like tomato soup and it's a pretty easy lunch. The problem is that the normal Cambells brand or whatever have wheat in it. The gluten free kind that I used to get in WA (which was super tasty and organic and all!) was about $2.50 at a good price. I did see that same stuff here, but it was $4.50. For many of you, spending less than $5 for a meal for three people isn't a big deal. For us.. it's a pretty big gigantic deal.


I get a 98 cent can of HUNTS tomato sauce! Yes, you can do this too.

Just add milk (about 1/2 cup or more to taste)
1 tsp of sugar (or more if you like the soup less tart)
little salt
perhaps some pepper
Sprinkle of basil

Totally fabulous! Add little amounts to start and mix it up and then taste and add more if you think it needs extra of something. It's one of the fastest (and cheapest) lunches that I can do right now and is healthy and gluten free! It's a win win win all around. :]

This along with a few other things to go with the lunch feeds our whole family. Very affordable for us right now.. and is a nice break from our staple of beany chili. :]

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