Monday, March 07, 2011

Renna's 3rd birthday

She had a very fun birthday. We didn't do a ton because Youssef is still pretty sick (and was worn out from doing stuff the day before) but Renna was totally fine with hanging out at home and slowly opening presents and playing with them. She got to talk to Gramma and Grandpa and Uncle Jonathan on Skype and show them her new toys and things. She's wearing an outfit from Auntie Natalie and totally loves the poke-a-dots.

Lunch was special with some gf mac&cheese and chips and a movie she picked out from netflix.
Lily kept wanting to move the party forward and open another gift or do something or other, but Renna was totally fine with having a mostly normal day with presents scattered through it and just a few fun things. Lily is quite active though and I needed to remind her and Youssef to slow down at one point because Renna needed some down time. I'm glad for her personality right now because her birthday wasn't "ruined" by not having a big party with tons of friends and things to do or anything like that. It was just right for her. :]

Three helium balloons since she turned three (seemed appropriate) I just read this article about how helium is one of those resources that is disappearing pretty quickly. And apparently these balloons are actually worth $100 (or should be if the market was allowed to set the price or something) anyway.. seeing as I bought them at the dollar store, I guess I got a really good deal. ;]
She woke up a bit too early though. At 4 in the morning I found her already up and holding two "My little ponies" that were decorating the table (that my Mom had sent to decorate with), one present was partly open, and she'd started watching a movie on her little dvd player. Umm.. yeah.. and it was 4 IN THE MORNING! I snuggled her back to sleep and she got enough sleep at least to not be grumpy for the DAY part of her birthday. ;] It was pretty funny, but I don't think I'll decorate after they go to sleep again... it's just too exciting for them when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Renna is such a sweet heart. She always reminds us if we forget to pray before we eat together, and we had her cupcakes in the middle of the afternoon. Half way through her cupcake she held out her hands and said, "Oh, forgot to pway!" And then told us that she would pray. (She's only offered to pray one other time.) And her quiet little prayer went something like "Thank you God for dis yummy food and cupcakes and for my presents and for today, AMEN!"

I love how sincere her prayer was. Lily is the same way, we've never made them pray or take turns or teach them formulaic prayers... they just get to pray if they want to, and so far when they do pray it seems to be straight from their heart and what they are really thankful for. I love that. :]
The other day when Lily wanted to pray before a meal she prayed that Daddy would have a job when the new baby is born.

You can kind of see the cupcakes in the picture above. That was the only thing that I really was able to make into the theme she wanted. She wanted "Rainbow dash and Cherrilee" theme. So, gf cupcakes sent from my mom and some whip cream (for the clouds on top) and sprinkles left over from forever ago are all the colors of the rainbow. The maraschino cherries on top were left over from Christmas. I'm so glad she felt like everything was special and just right. She was really happy about it all! Yay, success!

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