Monday, April 11, 2011

Odds and ends

At the end of March I finished this commission artwork for a friend in Oregon and it was GREAT because it afforded that last bit of baby things that I wanted to get. So, whatever I didn't get from the baby registry that I wanted/needed I was then able to order.
I finished my quilt (as in.. the back is all done now too) and I made a cover for the "sausage" pillow. It looks so nice in our room now.. like a real part of the house even. Youssef has been working in there with the job searching and all (quietest room in the house) and it's nice that it doesn't look like a closet anymore. Note- his computer on the black table... oh, and Lily's art on the wall by the window for him. ;]
Oh, and just because I didn't have a close up of the card people, ta da! The faces are paper beads and the arms and so forth are pipe cleaners.
I ordered some pacifiers that said they were a 4-pack for $11.99 and what came was four packages with just one in each. Well, I only needed the one (already have a bunch and just wanted this other one in case she liked it better than what I have) we took them to Target to return them and found out they were $11.99 EACH! I can't figure out how that happened. Youssef asked them if it was right and they said it was... sooooooo surprise! A $35 gift card! We had a fun trip to Target with that and I got the final thing to prepare for the baby. Yes, a little cheapo trash can. ;]
It was so nice to actually get out of the house after last week. Last week was totally exhausting, but I'll explain about that in a future post.
When we got back from the shopping and walking around the mall a bit and stuff, the girls helped me plant these impatience cuttings. I hope they survive...

As you can see, they enjoyed gardening. :}

One of the fun things that I got at Target for them was some window Crayons. The first thing they tried was just a bunch of scribbles.

Then we cleaned off the scribbles and I thought they'd have fun coloring it like a coloring book, so I drew some flowers for them to color with my help. It was really fun. I had almost as much fun as they did I think. ;]
Lily wanted dandelion flowers too.. so... as you can see.. some dandelions on the picture bellow on the bottom left.They pretended to be "Thumbelina" by the giant flowers after we finished coloring them. Later Lily wanted to do even more.. notice the rainbow on the left side on the picture bellow (and some butterflies on the dandelions)... pretty soon there will be NO room at ALL on that poor window! It's really fun looking though! I like it. :}
I wanted to blog about my birthday party, but neglected to get any good pictures of the 30 lanterns that Lily and I made (well.. we made 25 of them.. 5 were from the dollar store and actually had a real light in each one.) I think I have a few pictures on my camera, but they take forever to load onto my computer from my phone. Anyway, it was a fun birthday! Weird how hard it is for me to remember after last weeks exhaustion.. I wanted to blog last week, but had no brain to think of what I needed to take pictures of or anything. And.. we just took the lanterns down yesterday. :P Oh well. Suffice it to say, my 30th was a good birthday!

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Jessica said...

We love the art! Thanks again!
And fabulous window drawings. We have some window markers and because it was winter when we got them all the drawings were christmas themed. It was messy to clean up, but fun to do with the boys.