Monday, June 06, 2011

Following up...

Well, I had a post a bit back about the "Alien/monsters" that the girls and I made with pipe-cleaners... well.... today we did a LOT more!

Imaginative play is so vital to childhood and it's so fun to enjoy with them! Lily was doing a good job of wadding up some pipe-cleaner and sticking a poof ball onto it (to show me where to hot glue it) and all you need is to add an eye or three and you've got a great little monster!
The five-legged orange girl monster on the left has glow in the dark plastic beads on it and the one on the right was Daddy's contribution. He had fun making one too! I did the hot glueing for him too.. made it easier that way.
Lily did the one on the left and the one in the middle (she said the white one would "skoot" instead of walk.) And the one on the right was Renna's from the other day.
Left is the "Princess monster" with a crown.. the middle one is what Lily made the other day (that I couldn't take a picture of then.) And the one on the right has very interesting ear muffs.. The one eye thing was a popular choice as you can see...
Lily and I both did the ones on the left and middle. She told me where to put about half of the stuff and I added more later. And the one on the right started out with Renna putting a pile of poofy balls all together and I just decided to go with it and start gluing them.. then she had fun cutting the pipe-cleaner with the wire cutters so that one got a lot of legs. ;]
We were watching "Monster's Inc." projected on our dining room wall the whole time we worked .. hey.. who says that movies can't bring out imagination in kids? The picture above is them playing with their new monsters that we all made with the monsters in the movie! Somehow I think afternoons like these will be more memorable and special and beneficial to them than making sure I do their school times or toy organizations perfectly.


RachelCapezza said...

I love it! And I agree, movies bring out kids' imaginations! Kyrie ALWAYS brings crayons or pencils and paper with her when she sits down to watch a movie, and draws pictures of the characters and makes up her own stories to go with the characters. I love it!

RachelCapezza said...

I just realized that I both started and ended that comment with an "I love it!" lol. I just have to point out those things when I notice them.