Thursday, June 23, 2011

It finally happened!

Lily lost her first tooth! After about a year of her always thinking a tooth was loose and then about a month of a REAL tooth being loose it finally came out! She said there was just a little "string left" and so she pulled it out. She wasn't too worried by the blood (so that was good) I was so excited about it that I think she got into it. :}
There she is holding her first lost tooth.
My family's tradition is to put the tooth in a glass of water and add salt. She liked salting it.
Then you put it on the bathroom sink and wait for morning when money will be there instead of the tooth.
There it is... waiting quietly for it's fate.
Under cover of darkness the coins appeared! But.. how did they get there?

I have never heard of anyone else doing the "tooth fairy" like this before. My mom said it was a whole lot easier than trying to find a tooth under a kids pillow. When I was little (even though I knew the money was from my mom) I'd talk to other kids who only got a dime under their pillow for their tooth and I'd say, "You've got to put it in salt water in a cup in the bathroom.. that's how you make a LOT more money." We'd get a bunch of quarters and stuff. Lily got four quarters so she'll get to earn her next "prize" sooner with that! Pretty fun. Tee hee. :}


RachelCapezza said...

That's a cool tradition!

Steve Minnich said...

I ALWAYS liked this tradition. I wonder how far back it goes in the Minnich or Arnquist history?

Lynne' said...

I'm not sure Dad... probably not very far since it came from Mom's side of the family. Well, unless you were the only one to keep up the tradition. Marti and Genny hadn't heard of the glass of water thing. They said they put it under their pillow and got some "nice" money. ;] Mom mentioned it to Gramma Tobin and she couldn't remember them putting the salt in it, but they did do the glass of water. I don't know who started it on that side though. It would be interesting to find out. I don't know of anyone else that does the "tooth fairy" like this. I think it's pretty fun and unique though!