Friday, October 14, 2011

More organizing!

The new dress up area!!!
...necklaces ready to make any girl look fabulous!
Anyone can add a little rod to their kids room! I needed this so that they could learn to put their clothes away instead of leaving them all over the floor. I will be installing some hooks for them as well for jammies and other clothes that don't go back on the hangers (My girls change their clothes so often throughout the day that it's a bit silly to teach them to put stuff in the laundry when it's not even dirty.)
My lovely unfinished wardrobe/office thing that I found at a thrift store now has shelves! And thus, is organized the way I want it now too. I hope to have it stained before Thanksgiving.
This is a bit random, but our tea wasn't fitting in our cupboard very well so I got a shower thing from the dollar store and turned it into a storage rack for our tea.
Okay, THIS idea was not mine! I got it off of Pinterest (Here are my pins in case anyone wants to check them out.) I am SO excited about Pinterest and all the ideas that I'm getting through other people. It's such a great way to organize my thoughts too. I pinned some of my favorite things and then they were all in a file for me to see (outside of my head) and sort through what I really liked. Great for homeschooling too! I'm going to be going back through my pins for those homeschooling project ideas as well.

All this project entails is clothes pins, hot glue, and bamboo sticks (or any stick.) I got a bunch of four bamboo sticks at the Dollar Tree (along with a big pack of wood clothespins) hot clued them to the bamboo and tied some twin (that I already had) to the ends. For 2 bucks I made a lovely way to display my kids art that is so much better than just taping them to the wall or fridge. It just looks more organized this way and didn't take long to do. When we run out of space I'll simply move their art to their own notebooks and hang more.

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