Friday, November 04, 2011

Thankful project

I cut out a bunch of paper leaves with my cuddle bug and each day everyone in our family (who can speak) will tell me something they are thankful for so I can write it down on a leaf and put it in the jar!

(Click here to see how I finished this project, but there are many other ways to use them. Have fun with it and play to your strengths. Scan pictures of your family's hands instead of tracing? Paint? Ink? Fabric? What craft floats your boat? Do that and Mod Podge the leaves onto the picture in any way you choose!)

I like doing it this way because we are thinking about thankfulness all month long and every day. More often than not I'm not thankful enough for what God has already blessed us with. It's too easy in our society to see what things we DON'T have and be made to feel like we "need" it. Seriously, it's amazing how many things I find I "need" after looking through a catalog of gadgets that I never knew existed till just then.

So, one or two things that we are thankful for go on each leaf. From toys that the girls already have to food to each other to any little thing that we are glad about.

If you want to do this project and don't have a cuddle bug or other paper shape cutting device you could buy a hand held punch in the shape of a leaf at a crafting store (they aren't too expensive) or perhaps you can find pre-cut leaves at a dollar store or crafting store. OR just use strips of paper and fill up that jar! Even just keeping them in the jar will be a good reminder and something to look through or take out when you feel depressed. But, of course.. if you are interested in doing something MORE with this project, use the leaf shapes and right before Thanksgiving I'll share the next faze of this project.

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