Monday, December 05, 2011

Pin cushion tree craft

You know how little kids like to move all the pins around on a pin cushion? Well.. why not make them their own little pin cushion tree to decorate and re-decorate?e
You could have them just use pretty pins or do what I did with these bangles. You could also do beads or buttons.

I wasn't very accurate about how I cute the scraps out. Just cut some paper in a triangle and test out the shape and size you want that way.
Right sides together and sew the seams so it's shaped like a little cone. Then stuff it nice and full.
Flip it upright and hold onto cardboard so you can trace around it.

Then pin the cardboard into place like the picture shows. I liked to pin it because then I could set it up and see if it was straight or not and re-pin if I needed to to make it look balanced.
You could use hot glue and glue it all down, but I chose to do this crazy sewing job by hand.
Again, you could use hot glue.. I just used tacky glue and placed this black cardstock paper on the bottom to make it look nice and finished.
Even my three year old thought it was super fun!

Ta da! This one is half done so you can see it well.
And, yes.. these took a little more time than ones made out of paper plates, but we are going to save them to play with every year!

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